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Showing the way in servo technology

Analogue servos / Digital servos / Linear actuators

MULTIPLEX was the world’s first manufacturer to produce digital servos back in 1992. Compared with analogue servos, digital servos offer higher torque, much finer resolution, totally precise neutral positioning and increased holding power. The motor in a digital servo receives a control signal from its electronic control circuit every 3 milliseconds.

In the field of model sport HiTEC servos satisfy the most exacting requirements, but they also meet the essential standards of industry for a vast range of applications. With an output power of up to 110 kg, waterproofing standards to IP 67 or the option of 360° rotary travel HiTEC servos measure up to every requirement. The latest 32-bit MCU / 12-bit ADC technology provides twice the servo travel resolution previously attained, which in turn ensures finer, more accurate control.

Servos can be controlled by:
PWM interface, RS485 interface or CAN-Bus

Servos are available with brushed, coreless or brushless motors, combined with carbonite, steel or even titanium gears. Hybrid systems are also employed, combining the advantages of the various materials.

A number of types offer the option of zero-wear contactless positioning by means of magnetic encoders. Our range of digital programmable servos is complemented by analogue types, while the wide-voltage series can handle operating voltages in the range 4.8 and 8.4 Volt, although servos with an operating voltage of up to 14.8 Volt are also available.

The internal quality of HiTEC servos is enhanced by high-quality aluminium cases. If you see ‘Titanium gears’ printed on a HiTEC servo, then the entire gearbox is made of titanium. In Autumn 2019 a range of linear actuators is to be introduced, significantly expanding the product range for industrial applications.

Although we can supply a large number of “standard servos / actuators” which are employed in many industrial applications and fulfil virtually all requirements, MULTIPLEX / HiTEC also offers the option of producing servos / actuators to your own specifications.

  • Standard servos / actuators suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Customizing servos / actuators to suit your applications
  • Programming of servos / actuators to your own specifications

Drones || Particle foam

Trinity Drone

ELAPOR® particle foam

MULTIPLEX was the first manufacturer to commence large-scale production of model aircraft moulded in particle foam, thereby ushering in the era of foam models. This technological innovation was developed in Germany, and for more than a decade has been the benchmark for outstanding quality; development continues constantly. Most MULTIPLEX model aircraft are manufactured in Germany.

UAV / UAS: This is another field in which ELAPOR® technology offers enormous advantages: the material is light in weight, extremely robust, impact-resistant, weatherproof, dimensionally stable, inexpensive and quick to repair. Moulded parts can be reproduced at low cost, even in large quantities.

We develop ELAPOR® products in-house, from start to finish, i.e. our own engineers and technicians supervise every project from the initial idea to the finished product. We can also provide the entire packaging process and even final assembly to complete our service.



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Remote control || UAV Controller


The next Generation All-in-One – the ultimate UAV Controller


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Brushless motors and speed controllers

4 Brushless motors

We would be delighted to send you detailed specifications and drawings upon request.

Brushless motors and speed controllers

MULTIPLEX can supply a large selection of brushless motors and speed controllers. We can also produce custom-made articles to your specification upon request.