The company Multiplex Modellsport GmbH & Co KG has its headquarters in Bretten, in the south-west of Germany and currently employs around 40 people. In May 1958 Siegfried Kussmaul founded the company S. Kussmaul ing. Small equipment construction, which later became Multiplex. From the beginning, core business areas were remote control technology and from 1970 also model aircraft construction.

In 2002 the company became part of the Hitec Group with five other locations worldwide:

  • Hitec RCD (Korea)
  • Hitec Group USA (USA)
  • Hitec Multiplex (Japan)
  • Hitec RCD (Philippines)

Besides Multiplex Modellsport GmbH & Co. KG, Hitec RCD Korea Inc. and Hitec RCD Philippines Inc. are also ISO 9001:2015 certified. The production site on the Philippines also has ISO 14001:2015 certification.

In addition to a strong development department, the Bretten location also houses the warehouse, assembly, packaging, shipping and commercial departments of the company. For the Hitec products we act as a distributor with a focus on Europe.

When selecting suppliers, we focus on quality and regionality. We still have an excellent global supplier infrastructure. Electronic assemblies are preferably assembled in Germany, and mold construction and the production of plastic parts and particle foam components also take place to a large extent in Germany.

Multiplex Modellsport GmbH & Co. KG has been a leading company in the development and manufacture of aircraft made of particle foams such as EPP or ELAPOR® for more than two decades. The company was not only able to profitably bring this know-how to model sports, but is now also a reliable partner in the UAV sector.

The company is supported on two pillars. Model sport with all its elements such as propulsion technology, model aircraft construction, remote control technology and accessories is still a strong pillar of the company. A second is the industrial sector, Commercial Solutions, with products for automation, robotics and industry-related applications. This sector also includes the entire UAV/UAS area and we are a reliable supplier of actuators, plastic and particle foam components as well as drive components and with the BeastTX a flexible high-performance remote control system.

We offer our industrial customers excellent know-how in the adaptation of series products to customer-specific needs. Because we belong to the Hitec Group, we can also offer this for the Hitec products we sell. We look forward to your inquiry.


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